“California Dreaming“ - a lecture with David Fermer

On May 2nd the British author and actor David Fermer came to our school and gave a lecture to the 8th graders of the ASG. He read out of his novel “California Dreaming“. Before he started reading, he told us a little bit about his personal life: he was born in Switzerland before he moved to Great Britain with his family at the age of four. There he lived in a small village called Cookham and went to a boys’ school. After school he studied Art, History and English literature before he moved to Germany at the age of 22 and started to write novels among other things.

His novel “California Dreaming“ is about a boy called Valentin, who spends three months as an exchange student in the US. His host mother tries to kiss him one day, that’s why he runs away and meets Connor. They become friends and Valentin lives at Connor’s house. They go to the Drama Club at their High School together and together they experience three exciting months - but read for yourself!

The lecture by David was great. He interacted a lot with the students, spoke to them in English and German, it was always funny and never boring. We especially liked how he read from the novel, showed us short films (there are QR codes in the novel!) so we could imagine the setting and characters better. And some boys and girls even went on stage to read with him!

We definitely recommend going to such a lecture because it’s more interesting than reading a novel alone! And it was easy to understand David.

If you want to read the novel, speak to your English teacher - David Fermer left two copies of his novel with us so you can read it for free! The novel is great and it’s in English and in German, so very easy to understand and nice for beginners!

Class 8c


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