Brexit – the right decision?

Brexit – it is a topic that has been all over the media since the referendum in 2016. According to our current topic Great Britain in the English advanced class, of course we also talked and discussed a lot about Brexit and all its difficulties. For that very purpose our teachers invited a Brit named John Tetley for 7th February, so we could get an insight from his point of view.

It is important to say this: Tetley voted for Britain staying in the EU and he sees Brexit as a huge mistake and a big step backwards. To him the EU portrays an institution supporting the country socially as well as economically. Within the 40 years that the UK has been part of the EU, a nice balance has been developed and market trades have been simplified.

But why would the people want to give up all of that? It has to be mentioned that the Brits never really felt close to Europe and they always have liked being independent. Moreover, today there are some big issues regarding politics. On the one hand, there is the immigration issue. On the other hand, a big part of the population just doesn´t really like the government. So, what the people really want is a change. And that is why they voted for leaving the EU – because it felt right. Sometimes you just follow your emotions and do not really think about the consequences of your decision and maybe that´s something a lot of people did.

 So what exactly are the consequences and how does Brexit affect the Briton’s lives? In response to that, Tetley could only say that no one really knows. Within the British population there is a lot of uncertainty with regard to their future and all they can really do is wait. Brexit is a process that takes time – not just a year or two – real effects will probably first be seen in a decade or even more.

Of course there are already some short term damages regarding Britain`s economy.  Certainly, trading and the import or export of products will become a much more complicated issue, when the UK has finally left the EU. Working as an engineer at Ford, Tetley told us, Brexit would definitely have a big impact on the single market. In addition to that, you can already see big companies moving to other countries like the vacuum cleaner business Dyson to Singapore. And not only businesses but also banks are moving to other places. So all in all we can assume that Britain´s economy will go down a lot in the future.

 However, something that seemed extremely unfair to all of us is that the older people in the country decided about the younger generation´s future. A lot of people that at the time of the referendum were not full of age yet, would have voted for staying in the EU. And surely if there was another referendum today, the results would be different. It seems like a lot of people also regret their decision and now they would prefer a Bremain. Looking at Britain´s population, it has to be mentioned that after all this time and all the discussions about Brexit, people are getting tired of it. They do not want to keep living in uncertainty and they want a solution. Tedley described it really nicely:” Brexit is like a car crash in slow motion. You don´t want to but you have to watch it and it just doesn´t end. “

To sum up, all we can hope for, is that the UK´s government finally comes to an agreement that everyone agrees on and that doesn´t bring too much damage with it.

 A big thank you to John Tetley for visiting our English advanced class. It was really interesting and we learned a lot! 

                                                                                                                                                  Maike, Q1

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